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Holly, Ilex aquifolium, a valuable tree for the wildlife garden

To many entomologists, trees like oak, birch and willow are top trees as many invertebrates feed on the foliage of the leaves. Other trees such as lime and ash have fewer invertebrates associated with them. Holly, Ilex aquifolium is a … Continue reading

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Native shrubs and trees

A lot has been said about why we should grow native trees and shrubs. However, a wildlife garden with non-native plants can be wonderful for wildlife; we all love lavender and the butterfly bush is popular with all sorts of … Continue reading

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Brimstone butterflies in the garden

I turned my garden into a habitat for bees and butterflies. Albeit on a small scale, it is a wildlife garden. I work mostly with native plants with a few exceptions  such as Butterfly bush and Lavender. Butterflies regularly visit … Continue reading

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Aster cordifolius hybr. ‘Little Carlow’ – a bee and butterfly magnet

For some years, I have wanted to add colour to the autumn garden and it goes without saying that in a biodiversity garden, the plant of my choice had to be good for wildlife. There are huge number of plants … Continue reading

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My mini meadow – a paradise for solitary bees and bumblebees

While writing this blog, the sun is shining and it’s a perfect start of the day. The neighbours are quiet still and there is just me and birds and bees. Moments of pleasure! I take a cup of tea and … Continue reading

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Buckthorns – a welcome addition to the pollinator garden

Buckthorns are modest trees with with great ecological values. They are not often planted in our gardens as they bear tiny flowers but they are important trees for wildlife. Alder buckthorns are small trees which you will not find in … Continue reading

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The importance of nectar for bees, bumblebees and other pollinators

Nectar Flowers are the reproduction organs of plants and pollination can be referred to as the mating process of plants. To make sure pollination is taking place, plants have evolved brightly coloured flowers and scent to draw the attention of … Continue reading

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