Feeding birds in the garden

Temperatures have dropped considerably and spring is not yet around the corner. We have had a cold spell and some lovely winter birds came to the garden to feed on the fat balls and the peanut cakes with insects are particularly popular. One of my favourite birds are long-tailed tits. Several visited the garden.

Another beautiful bird was the field fare, Turdus pilaris. This bird is often seen in gardens in winter. This one was feeding on the berries of wild privet, Ligustrum vulgare.

Chaffinches (Fringilla coelebs) and many siskins (Spinus spinus)  were also present. It really feels good feeding birds and helping them through his harsh weather.

In order to help songbirds thrive in the garden, I have planted mostly native trees and shrubs: blackthorn, wild roses, hawthorns, barberry, holly, hazel, crab apples, cherry and many more; trees/ shrubs that offer food and in some cases also shelter. This is necessary with so many cats around.


About mybiodiversitygarden

Trying to raise awareness & share information about ecology and biodiversity and what gardeners can do to attract more wildlife
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