Sunday January 8th. I got up early to listen to our weekly programme about nature and the environment. It is a very educational programme and it has been aired for decades.

Enjoying breakfast and a delicious cup of organic tea i was sitting on my couch looking at the birds in the garden. Like many people, i feed the birds and chaffinches, greenfinches, house-sparrows, blue tits, great tits visit my garden. Occasionally i get lucky and see Short-toed Treecreepers, nuthatches and my favourite: the long-tailed tits. The numerous birds in my garden attracts predators and this morning i saw my old friend again: the sparrowhawk. 

The bird was sitting in the rowan which is overgrown with ivy. Once again, the trees and ivy prove their value to wildlife. I love ivy; in late autumn, there are literally hundreds of bees foraging on its flowers and in late winter, early spring, the berries are a good source of food for birds. The ivy is offering protection and i have had nesting birds for many years. I am grateful to the previous owner of this house. He was a teacher and a wise man to plant this tree and the ivy.


About mybiodiversitygarden

Trying to raise awareness & share information about ecology and biodiversity and what gardeners can do to attract more wildlife
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